Home Selling Tips

McKinney Home Inspector Tips for selling your home:

  1. Get into your car and drive away from your home. Drive towards your home the way a potential buyer would. Notice your first impressions of your home. Is the landscaping well groomed? How about the driveway and curb? Can you easily see the architecture of the home, or is it blocked by trees and bushes. Notice your roof. Is it in good condition? Make a list of items that need attention.
  2. Paint your front door and mailbox. Polish your door and entry hardware.
  3. Make sure your doorbell is functional.
  4. Wash or thoroughly clean wood, aluminum, and vinyl sided homes. You can hire a contractor to pressure wash an entire house for about $200. Pressure washing can remove dirt, grime, peeling paint, and mildew.
  5. Rake leaves, trim shrubbery and trees, cut the lawn, and plant a few new, fresh flowers. Put down fresh mulch or peat moss around shrubs and flower beds.
  6. Sweep and hose off the walkways and driveways. Pressure- wash if necessary.
  7. Clean the gutters and extend downspouts to prevent flooding or basement water seepage.
  8. Organize the garage. Get rid of clutter by either putting it in boxes, or pack ahead of time and rent a storage locker for your garage belongings. Make sure you wash your car.
  9. Check the locks of your home at both the entry, back entry, and garage. Locks can give a first impression of a home that needs maintenance. And they’re the first thing a buyer sees. A small dab of graphite will make them work like new.
  10. Clean oil stains from your driveway and garage. This is best achieved by using poultice with Portland cement. Scrub with a detergent and rinse. Clean rust stains beneath rails with the commercial product, Zud.
  11. Clean up any litter in the yard or walkways. Remove any leaves or debris in the yard or walkways.
  12. Touch-up the paint on the exterior of the home if necessary. In some cases, it pays to repaint the entire exterior if it hasn’t received a coat of paint in years. Hardwood trim on the exterior of the home can make or break its appearance. Make sure it looks clean.
  13. Look for any cracks in exterior plaster, and make sure they’re fixed and repainted to match exterior paint

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