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Submitted by JohnSafstrom on Thu, 03/15/2012 - 19:55

My Home Is New...Why Do I Need A Home Warranty Inspection?


            In general terms, every new home has a one-year warranty by the builder, covering defects in workmanship or materials. Builders also frequently purchase additional warranties to cover their liability and to use as marketing tools. These additional home warranties are very specific about what they cover and many warranty contracts stipulate that the original one-year warranty is replaced by the new home warranty. 

Your new home may be the single largest investment of your life!

            You should make every effort to understand your warranty and protect your investment.  Defects in new homes fall into several categories. Among these are, obvious material and workmanship defects, and hidden material and workmanship defects. You have probably taken care of both obvious defect categories. Appliances that do not function correctly and cosmetic issues are two of the most common. The defects that are more difficult to see are the ones that should concern you. Problems such as improper wiring, small exterior openings, (allowing moisture or insects to get in), improper ventilation, poor landscaping drainage, roofing damage, and others are among the most common. 

It’s All About Time!

Over time, many hidden defects cause substantial damage to homes. Improper drainage can damage foundations leading to structural problems. Small exterior leaks can lead to mold, termites and other wood destroying organisms. Electrical problems often remain unnoticed until someone is injured or worse.

Your real problem is that these issues frequently take longer than one year to show up.  By then, either your warranty has expired or you’re into limited coverage and deductibles. You need to document issues and have repairs made during the warranty period!

Hidden or not?

“Hidden” defects frequently have symptoms of their existence. I use my knowledge of new construction techniques to alert me to the probability of these issues. Once alerted, I focus in on those systems for further review. I do not claim to be able to find everything hidden from the homeowner but I’ll find most of it and give you an education as we go!

Contacting Your Builder

I always suggest homeowners start with a simple letter to their builder. Explain the situation, and that you expect timely repairs during your warranty period. Move to a registered letter or other steps as necessary,
being careful to allow time for communications and repairs during the warranty period.

Reserve an independent Home Inspection Now!

Your inspection should be in months nine through ten of your first year. This allows the maximum time for issues to arise and time for builder repairs during the warranty period. If you have any questions about warranty inspections, just give me a call at   214-600-4344. You will not run into any high pressure sales tactics, just honest, informative answers to your questions. I’ll be pleased to assist you.   

 – John Safstrom , Owner/Inspector

Submitted by JohnSafstrom on Thu, 03/15/2012 - 19:55
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